Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 1 to 24 with Compilations


We have started the Robert B. Weide series. Each episode will have 24 episodes and 4 compilation videos. One episode will be published daily for 6 days and every Wednesday a compilation video will be shared. We also welcome videos from our viewers and give credit to one of their social profiles. Make your mind clear and relaxed with the Robert B Weide Season 1 video.

Directed By – Robert B. Weide Season 1

Let’s start with the Directed By – Robert B. Weide season 1 video meme and complications. We have shared and explained every video with a short description as well.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 1 – Stunt Man

The stunt man was showing his great skill in the first few seconds of this video, beside bushes by doing a 360-degree stunt, which is also known as circle bike stunt. All the viewers sure thought that the man would do it like a pro but suddenly, in the end, he flew off and landed on the bushes.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 2 – Go Corona Go

In this episode, there were three people in the starting few seconds. One of them suddenly sneezed out loud, tried hard to control but the other two heard him, they were so aware of Coronavirus, they locked him in the car’s dicky.

 Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 3 – Gym Lovers

In this episode, a gym lover was doing calisthenics so nicely. Surround people were watching him. But he did the landing by his head side down. He showed his swag on another level.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 4 – Dog lover

This episode was so funny. In the first few seconds, a boy was doing some random, smooth, and easy dance moves while walking on the footpath. He suddenly saw some dogs lying there and tried to show some love by moving his hand over their head but it went wrong when in the end the dog started barking at him. He ran away straight.

Robert B. Weide  Season 1 Episode 5 – Gym Lover – 2

In this episode, a man was doing push-ups by folding his legs that slightly in touch with the cupboard, in his room. The cupboard was so old that suddenly from back the door of the cupboard broke out and fell on him.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 6 – Ninja BiCycle

In this episode, a cycle race was going on at the beginning, where a boy suddenly rolled forward and did a ninja stunt with his ninja-bicycle and fell. Sometimes luck does not support whereas some people don’t have any luck.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 1 to 6 Compilation

Robert B. Weide Season1 Episode 7 – Bathroom Singers

In this episode, three best friends were there in front of a mirror. The first one was hopefully straightening her hair with a straightener, the middle one was dancing like a mad on Justin Bieber’s song, and the third girl was making a video of this silly fun by facing the mirror. All of a sudden, the first girl felt irritating. She turned back and looked at the middle one. The middle girl was so nonsense that she held the super hot straightener with her hand and tried to use that as a concert microphone.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 8 – Stunt Cars

In the episode, a racing car was there and a man was making a video by standing just at the back of it. Unfortunately, first, the car engine started then it moved forward a little bit and moved backward a more. You can now picture the situation of the cameraman who was there right back, making the video.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 9 – Wo Stree Hai

In this episode, many people were standing there in a formal manner, where a lady was giving a lecture on Coronavirus and how we all can keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus.  She said “Today, start working on not touching your face because one main way the viruses spread is when you touch your own mouth, nose, or eyes.”  by seeing some notepad. Just after this to turn the page of the notebook she touched her tongue with her forefinger to make the tip of the finger wet so that she would be able to turn the page and give the next major advice to keep ourselves safe from coronavirus.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 10 – The Juggling Ball

In this episode, a boy was trying to do dribbling, juggling,  and stunts with a ball on a marble floor. But he falls.

Robert B Weide Season 1 Episode 11 – Perfect Driver

In this episode, a couple was riding on a scooter. The boy trusted the girl, and let her drive the scooter. They were enjoying themselves a lot. The boy was sitting in the back and making their video by holding his mobile on one hand and on the other he was holding a glass of wine. The girl looked back to see the video. And suddenly their scooter crashed into a car. I Hope viewers can imagine the rest of the story.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 12 – The Long Jump

In this episode, a boy was trying to do a long jump and cross a high drain while another boy was at the back of the camera and making his video. All set up was perfect like the camera set up, standing position, viewpoint, natural light, background. The boy failed to do the stunt and did a direct jump into the high drain.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 – Episode 1 to 12 Compilations

Robert B Weide Season 1 Episode 13 – The Dirty Cam

In this episode, a girl was making a dirty video in her own room by setting a dirty cam just beside the door. Unfortunately, someone opened the door very hard and interrupted in the middle of the video.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 14 – Home Quarantine

In this episode, the boring home quarantine made the boy try so hard to just make a roti. Seriously he struggled a lot with this thing. Everything falls over him only.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 15 – Crazy  Swing

In this episode, normal people while on a swing goes toward and comes backward, again goes toward and comes backward. Again and again, this is the same until the person wants to come down from the swing. But here in this video, the girl had done a crazy swing, she goes forward and falls there, on that side.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 16 – Tiktok Lover

In this episode, a teenage girl was making a TikTok video by setting a camera just in front of her. She was doing slow-motion dance moves and contemporary dance moves. Suddenly, a gun sort was there in the music. The girl danced and acted like she was dead and she fell there and iron from the above falls on her hand. The girl should get the TikTok award for this much struggle.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 17 – Super Basket

In this episode, normal people use to play basketball on the ground. But in this, two boys were playing super basketball in the workplace.

Robert B Weide Season 1 Episode 18 – Gym Lover 3

In this episode, a gym lover girl was making her own video while doing arm workout with some biceps /triceps press machine or gym equipment. Unfortunately, the stretch strings cut loose when the girl pulled the biceps /triceps press machine and it directly hit her face very hard and she fell back.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 13 to 18 Compilations

Robert B. Weide Episode 19 Season 1 – Lady Gaga

In this episode, Lady Gaga was dancing by shaking her big booty on some great music. She was stepping backward while dancing and crashed through a glass door unknowingly. Her dance goes fully wrong.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 20 – Wait For End

In this episode, the wife entered the room where her husband was sharing the bed with some random, both were half-naked, the wife shouted and hit the girl there and took her out of that room. And the end of this video was funnier to the viewers, because after that three more girls came out from behind the curtain. The other girls escaped luckily.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 21 – Desi Joker

In this episode, some group of random desi jokers acting so funny.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 22 – Crazy Bite

In this episode, one boy was lying on the sofa, the second boy was playing with a spy light pointer. The second boy was actually playing with a dog too, he was pointing anywhere he wanted and the dog was present in that room trying to catch that light point. Suddenly, without any reason, the second boy pointed the light pointer on the lying boy’s private area, and the dog followed the light pointer. Seriously, so crazy it was.

Robert B Weide Season 1 Episode 23 – Ride To Heaven

In this episode, the video was actually so funny. Here, the man forgot to tie the safety rope to the woman riding the free fall and from so high. Rather he ties the safety rope to himself and lets the woman ride to heaven.

Robert B. Weide Season 1 Episode 24 – Lets Party

In this episode, two kids were having a party and enjoying themselves. The boy in this video cracked a party popper but in the wrong direction which directly hits his privacy. The party goes wrong.

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